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Post  David B on Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:01 pm

Hello, and welcome to the Programming Languages Community Forums!

Whether you are are super when it comes to programming, or don't even know what programming is, this forum is perfect for you! This is the very first post on this forum, and at the time that I wrote this post, this forum was also only one hour old! I am the founder of this forum, and I am also the administrator. There are two accounts on this forum that have the Administrator ranking. One of them is me (David B), and the other one is the account with the user name, "Admin." If you ever want to speak the administrator of this forum, just Private Message me. Do not Private Message the account with the name "Admin." That account belongs to me too, but I never use it. I tried deleting it, but it said that you cannot delete the founder's account. In case any of you are wondering, the reason that I have two accounts is because the first one was the one that was already on this forum when I created it. I created my David B account because I wanted to have my own special user name, and not brag about being an administrator.

So ... how come I didn't make this post right after opening this forum? The answer is simple. I wanted to configure the forums before doing anything else. Here is what I changed. For one, I removed the feature that requires you to verify your account by clicking on a link in an e-mail that is sent to you automatically. This feature is effictive when it comes to protecting from bots, but it can be a hassle, so I decided to deactivate it.

I also enabled file uploading. The only issue is that the largest file you can upload is 0.047 Mb, which isn't very big, so in most cases, you will probably need to use a file hosting site, and simply post the link. One very good file hosting site that I know of is MegaShares. The URL address of MegaShares is http://www.megashares.com/. MegaShares has 10GB limit (which is much better than the forum's 0.047Mb) on all uploads. I tried to increase the file size limit, but you have to pay, and I don't think it is worth it because on most of the forums that I am a member on, people usually don't use the forum's file attachment system, and just use a file hosting site.

Currently, the only programming language that this forum supports is C Plus Plus, but I am planning on changing that as soon as I find out just how successful this forum is.

Another change that I made to this forum is making the Rich Text Format view the default when starting/replying to a thread. Originally, the default view was the BBCode format, but that view can be confusing when you are making a long post (like this one).

Since this forum is still new, you can expect frequent changes to it, but eventually, once I get things set up the way that I like them, the speed at which things change will slow down.

I will post about the changes I made in this forum, so be sure to check back often for updates.

I encourage you to tell your friends about this forum, and ask them to tell their friends. Thank you, and again, welcome to the Programming Language Community Forums.
Programming Language Community Forums Administrator,
David B
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