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Post  David B on Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:17 pm

Hello PLCF!

It has been a great weekend here at the PLCF where we have added some new features.

I would like to start out with the smallest feature and build up to the biggest, so I guess I should start with the new "Add user as a friend." link that shows up on each user's post profile. This feature is pretty self-explanatory, so I am not going to go into details. You can find this new link at the very bottom of each user's post profile.

For the next feature, click on the spoiler below.

I am not sure that many users know about this, but you can hide text within something called a "spoiler" on the PLCF. This message was written within a spoiler. To add a spoiler to a post, just use the standard BBCode tags, and type "spoiler" in them. I have asked legolizard to use this feature in a post just to see how well it worked, and here is what I have discovered.

  • The now visible "SPOILER:" text is now visible. At one time, it was white, and matched the color of the box, which obviously, is white.
  • Unless the user changed the color of the text manually, the text default was white, which rendered it invisible.
Here is what I have done to fix both of these issues...

  • I accessed the forum CSS and changed the color hexadecimal code for the "SPOILER:" text.
  • I have changed the default color text, so users no longer need to change the text, and it should change to black automatically
Both of these features were edited in the forum CSS, and I may have made a mistake, so if you see a problem, please let me know.

You may now close this box, and read on...

Another great feature is the addition of the text re-size button. To find this button, all you have to do is find any random thread, and it should be to the right of the post profile toggle button. This button allows you to re-size text on the forum to your liking. This is a cookie related feature, so it will vary from computer to computer, and the data is not saved on your account in any way, shape, or form.

And now, the feature of the week! Have you noticed the hovering chat-box button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen? Try clicking on it, and you will see that the chat-box appears! This is a nice feature because it not only allows for quick, easy, and instant access to the chat-box without the use of the pop-up chat-box option that is in the navigation bar, but shows how many users are logged into the chat, and out of those users, it tells how many of the users are actually actively chatting the chat-box.

Programming Language Community Forums Administrator,

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