Programming Language Community Forums Update 10/10/11

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Programming Language Community Forums Update 10/10/11

Post  David B on Mon Oct 10, 2011 11:10 am

Hello PLCF!

Since I do not have school today (YAY!), I am going to spend today working on the PLCF, and adding some great features!

Today, I started out by changing the icons that tell the status of each forum. This information is kind of hard to put into a paragraph, so I am just going to sum it up in a table.

Meaning Of Image
Old Image
New Image
New Posts
No New Posts
Forum Is Locked (post prohibited)

These images are for categories, not forums...the table images are for forums, not categories.

Another change is the new image on the text resize button that was added as a new feature yesterday. Originally, the image was , but I have replaced it with . The new image more accurately describes the new text resize button. The original image appeared as if it were used to change the style of the text, and not the size, and that is actually the reason that I changed it.

And now for a simple, very small and minor change to the PLCF. As you most likely know, the PLCF has to similie categories. The "PLangForumsSmile" category has cotains all of the PLCF smilies, and the "AliceForumsSmile" categories contains smilies from the Alice Community Forums ( The change? Since we have decided that the abbreviation for the Programming Language Community Forums will be, "PLCF", we have changed the "PLangForumsSmile" category name to, "PLCFSmile." This was done because the original name sounded a bit wierd, whereas the new one doesn't sound so wierd.

Piggybacking off of the previous change, I have added some new smilies, all of which fall under a new category that I have created titled, "Misc. Smilies." Check them out, and start using them in your posts today!

Programming Language Community Forums Administrator,



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