Programming Language Community Forums Update 11/14/11

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Programming Language Community Forums Update 11/14/11

Post  David B on Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:27 pm

Hello all PLCF users!

It has been a while since I have made an update to the PLCF, so here comes some exciting new stuff!

First of all, I am sure that some of you have noticed that some small changes have been made to the chat box. If you turn on your sound, you will notice that a small bell-like noise is made, telling you that you have received a new message. You can shut this sound off, and turn it back on by clicking on the new link that is now on the bottom right hand corner of the chat. You will also notice that users are automatically logged in to the chat box whenever they sign in. This is to help encourage the use of the chat. Please note, however, that you can still log out of the chat if you wish to do so. We have also made one last change, which helps make knowing if the chat has a new message or not easier. When someone types something into the chat. The background of the button will turn red. Another nice change is that at one time, it didn't matter if you were logged in or not, you would always see the chat button. I am proud to announce that we have managed to improve upon this, and the chat button is only visible to users that are logged in. Users that are not logged in do not see the button at all. These changes and more are resulting in the removal of a feature that I now deem as "obsolete due to the chat button."

With this new chatbox button, I have decided that the chat-box located towards the bottom of the homepage is annoying and un-necessary, and I have decided to remove it. This should help decrease loading time.

The next change of the day is not really a "feature" but I will list it anyway...

The time has come to remove...

and replace it with our regular...

Don't expect the logo to stay this way for long, however, because we are preparing a brand new logo for the upcoming Holidays.
Important Announcment:
The Halloween Contest has been canceled due to lack of members willing to participate, however we will soon be opening a new contest in which you will be allowed to use whatever programming language you wish!

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