Programming Language Community Forums Update 1/23/12

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Programming Language Community Forums Update 1/23/12

Post  David B on Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:01 pm

Hello PLCF members!

Today, the PLCF upgraded to LGChat v4.3. Unfortunately, this upgrade does not feature anything new for the members, but is a whole new game-field for administrators. Here is a peak at what is new:

  • Conversation saving is now available to the administrators (We can control who else can save conversations too!). We can access our conversation saves at Unfortunately, we can only save a maximum of 30 conversations in our account.
Conversation Save Example Command → /save (Title of conversation goes here.)

  • Additionally, administrators can now see all private messages that are sent, even if they are not directed to them. (Once again, we can control who sees what.)
  • The Chatbox Title has been changed (from LGchat V4 to LG Chat)
Unfortunately, these features are only available when using the chatbox button. Using the chatbox link in the PLCF navigation bar will not give you the ability to use these features.

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