Programming Language Community Forums Update 1/24/12

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Programming Language Community Forums Update 1/24/12

Post  David B on Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:14 pm

Hello PLCF members!

Today, while I do not have a new features, I have an exciting announcement! Today, through the generous donations of xHOTxSHOTx38, I have purchased 6 months of advertisement removal, ForuMotion link removal, and copyright protection for the PLCF! All of these things are wonderful, and will help show how we are growing stronger, but on July 24, 2012, advertisements will be reactivated, ForuMotion links placed back on the forum, and copyright protection removed. Because of this, I encourage all of you to donate here! This will help keep the forum running at full strength! We will soon be adding a "money bar" to show you the number of donations we have received compared to the number we want.

Right click on username to reveal pop-up options menu added to the chat button; not available through navigation bar chat.

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