Programming Language Community Forums Update 1/26/12

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Programming Language Community Forums Update 1/26/12

Post  David B on Thu Jan 26, 2012 7:46 pm

Hello PLCF Members!

Today, I am excited to announce a change to our YouTube channel! Today, when I logged on to the PLCF YouTube channel to upload to our channel a copy of the video that is posted on our SOPA/PIPA page, on the upload page, I saw the following...

Click here to see the image in full screen.

If you look at the top of the image what do you see? This means that members of the forum who wish to have tutorials that they made uploaded to our YouTube account do not have the strict 15 minute limit!

If you want to watch the video that we uploaded, here it is...

Piggybacking off of the YouTube video that we just uploaded, our SOPA/PIPA page has been moved off of the home page. If you still want to access our SOPA/PIPA page, it is still publicly visible to everyone at! The home page of the PLCF has been returned to its normal state, and logging on to the PLCF home page will bring you to the forums.

Just as the SOPA/PIPA page has been placed in the depths of no-longer-used pages, our CENSORED logo has been removed as well.


Original PLCF Logo:

So what else is new today? Today, from the left over credits from xHotxShotx38, we bought an additional 350 Mb for the PLCF file attachment form, for a total of 370 Mb.

We also got rid of the gallery. The reason that I decided to remove the gallery is quite simple: when the gallery is activated, half of the memory of which you have available for the forum is reserved for the gallery, and since the gallery is pointless and is never used, it is stupid to have one.

Because of this, we have been able to increase our file upload limit from 20 Mb to 31.25 Mb (YAY! Larger upload queries!)

In addition to the gallery, we have also removed the censoring system that we activated on Halloween night. We have deactivated it because it has been censoring words that are not inappropriate in addition to those that are inappropriate, and therefore, it has been deactivated. We are still going to look for other ways to censor inappropriate words.

Today, I am also excited to announce the release of our new web of forums for collaborative projects! These forums have been created to help encourage collaboration of our users for various projects. I am not going to go into the details of these forums, as that would take me forever, but rather, I invite you to play around with these forums that are only visible to members on your own!

WOW! Tonight was a big night! I am going to say bye for the night! Don't think the fun stops here! Tomorrow this forum will be undergoing another major update much like this one!

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