Programming Language Community Forums Update 2/06/12

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Programming Language Community Forums Update 2/06/12

Post  David B on Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:49 pm

Hello !

Today, I am excited to announce the release of some exciting new forum updates! Today, some new changes have been made to the hovering chat button used on the PLCF! While nothing really exciting has been released in this new update, some mild
updates have been made to the layout of the chat box! For one thing, we have
once again renamed the chat box with its original name, which is simply, “Chatbox.”
Additionally, you will notice the alert at the top of the chat box which
explains, “To PM a user in the chatbox use this structure: '/pm username:
message' for example '/pm LGforum: hi there!'” This message will be changed
occasionally with a new “Tip-of-the-Day” for the chat box. You will also notice
that the creator of the chat box has added a copyright protection warning at
the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Just as the title of the chatbox
has been restored to its original form, the link to that was integrated into the chat title when the chat title was first changed has been removed as well, and has been moved down into the new copyright link.

Here is a quick look at the new layout!:

Click here to see the image in full screen.

Okay, okay, okay...enough about the chat! Let's talk about a new update to the navigation bar! On February 2nd, we released a new blog, accessible at! Today, I am excited to announce that we have officially released the blog URL to the public (although, if you searched for the PLCF on Google, our blog was one of the search results, but today is the official announcement of its release)! In our doing so, we have added the button to the navigation bar that, when clicked on, opens our blog in a new window.

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