Programming Language Community Forums Update 8/02/11

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Programming Language Community Forums Update 8/02/11

Post  David B on Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:44 am

Hello, and welcome back!

It has been a while since I have had time to make updates to the Programming Language Community Forums, and this is because of a certain spammer that joined the forums, and created quite a mess that I had to clean up. I am happy to announce that "the spammer" is banned, and I have finished cleaning up the mess he left behind for me. If you see anything that I have missed, don't hesitate to report it, which brings us to the newest feature that I have unlocked, which is post reporting. At the time that this had happened, I hadn't activated post reporting yet, but as soon as I received a PM from jediaction that this had happened, I activated it. Here's what you can expect to see.

Normally, you don't need to report posts, and because of that, the only thing you will usually see is this.

This means that the post hasn't been reported. However, there is the time that post reporting will be necessary, and here's out it is done. To report a post, click on the icon, and fill out the form that comes up. After you submit your report, the will be replaced with . Whenever this happens, the overall layout of the buttons should look something like this.

Now sometimes the administrator (me) trusts a member so much, sees a post that can't be reported about even the slightest thing, etc. and decides to lock the forum's users' ability to report that post/report posts made by that user. Whenever I decide to do that, the layout of buttons should look like this.

You too, have the report locking button in your view, but I have disabled it for users, so although it appears to you, it isn't usable by you, and clicking on it will only deliver a message that states that you don't have permission to do this. The lock post reporting for this post button looks like .

I know it doesn't sound very special, but I also activated self-reporting, so you can report your own posts. (If you are feeling like being honest. {Horray!})

I also don't remember if I mentioned this or not, so I will mention it again, but I activated the Gallery. The Gallery is for sharing pictures, and can be accessed by clicking on the button.

Another great feature that I have enabled is the removing of the background ads behind avatars. Originally, on your profile, you would have an advertisement appear. The advertisement was a simple picture, and it was so small that it was repeated over an over like wallpaper. I managed to minimize the number of times the adverisement would repeat itself, and eventually, something happened, and the ads went away completely.

This is a change that will really affect the forums. The Programming Language Community Forums now has a new URL. This is because of redirection issues, and besides, our new url sounds more impressive. Our old URL was, but you could also access this forum at Our new URL is You don't need to worry about users not discovering this new URL. This is because where the home page of this forum used live now lives a page that states that this forum has moved. Simply try one of the old forum links to get to the message. This message will remain there indefinetely, so there is no chance of missing it. For those of you with links in your posts that link to somewhere within this forum, fear not, for I have tested it out multiple times, and all links that still are listed under the old URL still work. However, I highly advise that you review your links just in case.

Thank you for your understanding and support during the clean-up process. I look forward to getting this forum back on its feet.
David B
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