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Programming Language Community Forums Update 3/16/12 Empty Programming Language Community Forums Update 3/16/12

Post  David B on Fri Mar 16, 2012 4:45 pm

Hello guys!

I know that it has been some time since I last wrote, and I am excitied for the weekend, and all of the great stuff that it brings to the forum!

Before I get to the updates for today, allow me to first give you an update on the BETA status of this forum.: As many of you remember, somewhere back in October, November, or December (I am too lazy to scour the old updates threads that I wrote.), I made a small comment that this forum would soon be ready for the BETA tag to be removed, not even considering that here, in March, we would still have the BETA tag on the end of our logo. Please allow me to take a moment to explain why this tag is still here. At the time that I had made that statement, I had not anticipated that we would still have so many things to improve to make the forum better. But because I found things to add to the forum and imrove, I figured that it would be pointless to add a BETA tag.

Okay, now on to the things that we added a few weeks ago (and tonight).

A few weeks ago, Dion, founder of Dion Designs, a forum from where I get most of the codes that I use on this forum to improve the forum, announced that he will be leaving ForuMotion (the company that hosts this forum). He said that although he will be leaving ForuMotion, he will leave the forum locked, and he said that he will be moving his forum elsewhere. But anyway, to honor the help he gave to help make the Programming Language Community Forums better, we made a page on our forum that is currently the forum's home page, but we will eventually move it to the forum page archive. You can still access the forum by clicking on the Programming Language Community Forums Update 3/16/12 Home_i10 button, which will redirect you to

Okay, and (finally) the extremely small, yet impressive update that you all have been waiting for: JavaScript checking. That's right! I have written a small script (that has been placed in the ticker that appears on all pages of the forum [don't worry, it is invisible, and you cannot see any of it, so it does not detract from the look of the site]) that checks to see if you have JavaScript enabled on your web browser. If you do, nothing happens. If you don't, the code automatically redirects you to this page. How is this helpful? As you may know if you have tried using our website without JavaScript, a significant amount of the website relies on JavaScript to function. In fact, some features that help improve forum security (such as the "you need to be a member to access this code" feature) are all wonderful, but they are all coded in JavaScript, and can easily be cercumvented by disabling JavaScript on your web browser. This new single line of code fixes all of that!

This concludes tonight's update! Bye everyone! See you soon!

Programming Language Community Forums Administrator,

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