Problem With Accordion Page on Different Web Browsers

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Problem With Accordion Page on Different Web Browsers

Post  David B on Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:58 pm

Although this page is still under development, sooner or later, I would still need to make this thread anyway, so why not now?

So anyway, I asked that my friend, known on this forum by his username, "Tom_Natsworthy", test out a page that I am developing for the forum. The page is currently accessible at So anyway, I asked him to take a look at the page, and he gave me these screenshots.

This page, as of the screenshot, looks as it should, however, there are some web browsers that are experiencing problems with this page. The only web browser that I know for sure that is experiencing problems with the layout of this page is Internet Explorer 8, although I am sure that there are other web browsers that have problems with this page, and obviously, older versions of Internet Explorer have problems as well. Please help me come up with a list of browsers that are experiencing problems with this page by taking a screenshot of your entire screen, making sure that when you take the picture, your are viewing slide number 2, upload the picture in its full size to a post, and in that same post, tell me what web browser you are using.

Screenshots by Tom_Natsworthy
Posted on behalf of Tom_Natsworthy by David B

P.S.: If you look at the bottom of the screen shot, you may notice that Tom_Natsworthy is the only one who has +1'd our forum as of this screen shot (and for that matter, as of this post too)!

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