The difference between ALPHA and BETA testing.

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The difference between ALPHA and BETA testing.

Post  David B on Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:13 pm

This thread is somewhat random and stupid, but since it relates to programming, I guess it is rather fitting for this forum. As those of you that read my news reports (accessible through the, "Forum News" forum, or through clicking on the button to get the latest report) know, I have been considering, for some time now, taking this forum out of BETA. In addition to BETA testing, I at one point heard about something called, "ALPHA Testing", but never knew what it was.

So today, I decided to Google it (remember, Google is your second best friend [second best because this forum is your best friend]), and found a whole list of websites, that say, for the most part the same thing. The most legit-looking of all of these website listed was this blog post, which states the difference between ALPHA and BETA Testing rather clearly.:

I just thought that you might find this interesting if you did not know the difference!

Bye for now!

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