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Programming Language Community Forums Update 8/04/11

Post  David B on Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:03 am


Today, I've decided to continue the process of the menu transformation. Here is a chart of what I've changed.

Old ButtonNew Button

Another great feature that I've added is the "Warning Level" feature. What this feature does is it tells you what kind of opinion the administrator has about you. So far, only one user has had the ban status posted, every one else is clean. Your warning status shows up on all posts you make, and on your profile. You cannot change your status, only I can. There are five statuses that you can have, and I want you to know what each one means.

- This means you have no warnings. This is the best status you could have.
- One warning, be careful about what you do, because you are being watched closely.
- Two warnings, careful, you have two more shots before you get the ban hammer.
- Serious warning, if you do something wrong again, you get the ban hammer.
- BAN HAMMER! Obviously, this is the worst status you could have.

Just so everyone knows where to look on your posts and on your profile for this new feature, I have decided to take screenshots.

The first screenshot shows where to look for the warning bar on a person's post.

The second screenshot shows where the Warning Bar is located on your profile.

Another great feature that I have added to the profile is a web browser field, which allows you to share with us the name of the web browser that you use. For those of you that are already members, this is optional, but all members from now on will be required to list their web browsers in their profile. As of the time of the writing of this post, I am the only one who has my web browser listed in my profile. If you are already a member of this forum, and want to list your web browser in your profile, simply go to your profile, and then locate the "Browser" field. Once you do, hover your cursor over it, click on the edit button that magically appears. From there, select your web browser from the list that appears. Once you have made your selection, click on the green check, and you're done! Your web browser will appear on your profile, and all posts that you make. In both, your profile and your posts, the web browser is located under the Warning Bar. Any new members will have it slightly more convinent. When they fill out the sign-up form, they will also be asked what web browser they use, and their response will be displayed on their profile and posts. I woild very much like all already registered users to please tell me what web browser they use, if they haven't done so already. As you will see if you check the browser list, I have included a browser called "Other". (Guess what, no such browser exsists! {Obviously.}) The "Other" option is intended for those that use a not-so-popular browser. If you are a user of one of the "Other" browsers, just select that, and I will PM you asking what browser you use, and perhaps I will be able to make your browser its own fancy name tag.
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