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Programming Language Community Forums Update 6/05/12 Empty Programming Language Community Forums Update 6/05/12

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 05, 2012 12:37 pm

The new "forum closed" page has been made, and is accessible a[u][/u][url=][/url]t [url=][/url]. The page has been replaced as the "Down For Maintenance Page", and instead of being kicked to the "JavaScipt Disabled" page whenever you have JavaScript disabled, you will now be kicked to this page as well because it has been changed to redirect to this page whenever JavaScript is disabled. Additionally, the new page has been set to be the forum's home page. The old home page, accessible at [url=][/url].

Administrators of the forum (Admin and David B) will be able to access this forum by visiting the [url=]Maintenance Login Page[/url]. The administrators will have to access this page by manually typing in the address of this page because the new page will not connect a link to this page. The new setup is not exceptionally user-friendly, but it does not matter because the administrators know how to navigate it, and since it is only to be used by administrators, it does not need to be user-friendly. After all, the system was designed by the site administrator. (Why are we even writing this? Nobody except the site administrators will be able to see it anyway!)

And by the way, although it serves no purpose at this point because we are no longer using this forum, we have installed LG Avatars, from our friend LGforum. We did this only to help him test it out. (He gave us the feature early to help him test! YAY! It may, however, not work because we do have the redirection system set up which is blocking everything out.)


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