Programming Language Community Forums Update 8/25/11

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Programming Language Community Forums Update 8/25/11

Post  David B on Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:47 am

Today brings a minor, but still very nice change. I have activated signatures for all users! Originally, nobody could have one, but now everyone can! Horray!

Another minor yet great change is the removal of the following advertisment that would show up behind your avatar and behind advertisments placed on the forum.

I managed to access the forum's PHP and alter it to display an invisible .png instead. I know that I originally mentioned somewhere before that I removed this, but I didn't. All that happened was it stopped showing up, and somewhere along the way, it started showing up again.

Another change that I made involves the Gallery. This change gives you more freedom regarding Gallery use. I have given users the ability to moderate personal albums. Originally, the only person that could moderate albums was me, but now, if you own the album, you can moderate it. In addition, uploads no longer need to be approved by me. If someone posts something unacceptable, I will take care of it, but otherwise, I see no need to individually approve each upload. Changes to the gallery however, don't stop there. I have added two categories for images. The first is the avatar category. The second is the Misc. category. Each are rather self explanatory. After making this change, I still wasn't happy with the changes that had been made up until this point. I noticed when looking at the gallery layout that there was no Upload button, and when I looked in the admin panel, I saw that there wasn't one available, so I added one. The original upload button was (it is there, but it is invisible), but it has been replaced with the button.

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