Programming Language Community Forums Update 9/10/11

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Programming Language Community Forums Update 9/10/11

Post  David B on Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:59 am

Hello all!

Welcome back to the PLCF! Today brings some small changes to the forum. If you would like, you can call them "finishing touches", although I am not really sure how close we are to actually finishing the PLCF.

Before I move on to today's changes, allow me to start off by telling you of changes that I made last night.

Some of you may have noticed on other people's posts, to the right of the Multi-Quote button, that you see this ... . This is a feature that is small, yet powerful. This new feature is called the like/dislike feature. This feature allows you to like or dislike a post that someone has made. To like a post, click on the green thumbs up, to dislike, click the red thumbs down. Now you may notice that on some of the posts that you made, this feature is nowhere to be found, and you are thinking, "What is the point of this feature if the person who made the post can't see the results?" You can see the results! If you don't see the like/dislike buttons on your post, it means that nobody has either liked or disliked your post. Once somebody does like or dislike it, then you should see it appear. I am well aware of the fact that some of you out there may be offended when somebody clicks on the "dislike" button. But the point of a forum is to either get help, discuss something, or share something, so if people aren't allowed to say when they dislike something, then what is the point of a forum?

That's it for yesterday, now let's move on to today!

Today started out with a simple replacement of the post report buttons. Below is a table showing what each button means, the old button, and the new button.

Button Meaning
Old Button
New Button
Send a post report
Post report sent
Post report locked
Lock the post report
Unlock the post report

The last two images will most likely never be seen by anybody other than me because they are for moderation only.

The minor changes don't stop there! I also changed the Private Message icons. Here is another table.

Button Meaning
Old Button
New Button

As I continued to roll out minor changes, I decided to go into even more minor changes. For example, the "show attachments" button was , but it has been replaced with . I have also replaced the "download attachments" button, which was with .

And now, at last, for a slightly larger change: I have disabled the e-mail contact field. (I didn't really disable it. I cannot, all I did was remove the . From now on, whether you "share" your e-mail on your profile or not, it will not show up.

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