Programming Language Community Forums Update 9/18/11

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Programming Language Community Forums Update 9/18/11

Post  David B on Sun Sep 18, 2011 7:58 pm

Hello all!

Since Friday, I have been rolling out changes to the PLCF.

Friday brought the YouTube button. If you look under the "Contact" section of your profile, you will see a "YouTube Channel" option. When clicking on it to edit it, you will see that you can put any URL in that you want. This is a problem that is beyond my control, but here is how I am going to make sure that people only post links to their YouTube channel, and not other links.: The first time someone is caught breaking this rule, we will PM them telling them that this isn't allowed, and we will remove it, if they do it again, we will PM them, and drop their warning status until they are banned. If a person lists their channel, you will see the YouTube logo in their posts.

Saturday brought the ticker at the top of each page. Pretty self-explanatory.

Today brought the Facebook Connect feature. Perhaps the biggest change in some time, this feature allows users to register & sign in via their Facebook account. Users that do this don't have the ability to do anything special, except they can invite their Facebook friends to join the PLCF.

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