Programming Language Community Forums Update 7/25/11

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Programming Language Community Forums Update 7/25/11 Empty Programming Language Community Forums Update 7/25/11

Post  David B on Mon Jul 25, 2011 11:50 am

Hello, and welcome back! As we continue to work on the creation of the Programming Language Community Forums, we are still accepting new members to the forums.

Today's changes mostly focus on the perpous of this forum: programming languages. I am proud to announce that I have added two new programming languages to the family. When opening this forum I added C++, and now I would like to welcome Java, Python, and JavaScript into the family!

Each programming language has two forums. These two forums are "Help!", which is for asking questions related to the programming language, and "File Sharing", which is for sharing programs, program code, and more. These forums are standard in every programming language category on this forum. The only category which does not have this is the main category. This category is to hold other forums not related to any programming languages.

These are not the only programming languages which we will support, I am planning to add HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and more. Also, if for some reason someone asks for it, I will consider adding a forum to discuss obsolete programming languages (such as FORTRAN).

Another somewhat important "feature" that I added is disabling the ability for user to PM the "Admin" user. This is important because I am the owner of the "Admin" account in addition to this account, and I never use my "Admin" account, so if someone PMs my "Admin" account, they won't get a response. I have also disabled e-mailing the "Admin" account. I have disabled e-mailing my "David B" account bacuse I never check my e-mail, but have left PMing activated.
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