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Programming Language Community Forums Update 10/02/11 Empty Programming Language Community Forums Update 10/02/11

Post  David B on Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:42 pm

Hello PLCF Members!

It has been a while since I have talked, but here is a quick list of things that have changed in the past week.

Perhaps the most significant change is the addition of the Mobile Application Development forum. This forum will allow for discussion of mobile app development, which I am sure takes on a wide variety of programming languages.

I have also enabled draft saving. With this feature, you can save replies to threads, but you cannot save initial posts (new threads). To do so, simply click on the new "Draft" button the shows up next to the "Submit Reply" button. When you do so, and tab will appear in your profile that only you can see named, "Drafts." When you click on this tab, a list of all your drafts will appear, and you can manage them (edit them, post them, delete them, etc.).

I have also added a ticker that welcomes you to the PLCF, asks for a donation, and asks you to welcome our newest forum member. (This is quite a minor change, so I am not going to elaborate.)

I have also added an arcade. To get to it, just click on the Programming Language Community Forums Update 10/02/11 Arcade10 button. This feature will allow other members to play games with other members. All games are multi-player, so there needs to be a least two members online. To help make the arcade better, I would like to ask all members to use their forum username when playing so that other members may identify them. Currently, the arcade only features multi-player checkers and multi-player poker, but don't worry, I will soon be adding other games.

I have also added a new sub forum to the "Suggest A New Programming Language Forum." This new sub-forum is called "Completed Requests." This forum is not for posting, but is for archiving finished requests. From now on, I would encourage all users to review the threads in this forum before making a new post, as your request may already be finished.

And now on to today's changes...

Today I have added six new programming languages, three of which are under the "Web Development Languages" forum. Please welcome HTML, CSS, and PHP to the PLCF! All three of which have the standard "Help!" & "File Sharing" forums. I have also added Jython, Visual Basic, and C#, which come with the standard forums too!

To piggyback off of change that was made a few days ago, I have changed the name of the suggestions forum. It was originally called, "Suggest A New Programming Language Forum", but has been renamed, "PLCF Suggestions." This change was made because calling it what it was called before was confusing, and very long/repetitive. This new name is very simple, and it also covers more than just making suggestions for programming languages, but covers all kinds of suggestions.

Another nice feature is the new "Introduce Yourself" forum, which can be found at the bottom of the PLCF Main Forum. From now on, all new users that plan on being an active member must make an introduction post before beginning to participate in other threads. Users that don't will have a reminder sent to them, and if they continue to forget/ignore the PMs, they will have all posting permissions locked until they make a post in that forum.

And now for the removal of a feature...
I have removed the Circle of Trust feature. This feature is one the causes controversy about who is trusted, so everyone in the group is no longer in the group, and the group has been deleted.

Programming Language Community Forums Administrator,

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