Programming Language Community Forums Update 10/03/11

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Programming Language Community Forums Update 10/03/11

Post  David B on Mon Oct 03, 2011 6:26 pm

Hello PLCF Users!

Today's changes are very small, but still useful.

Today's first change was the addition of the "Queued Suggestions" forum. This new forum is not for posting, but is where I will queue up suggestions that I have approved. If after you have looked at the "Completed Suggestions" forum, and nothing was listed that matched what you wanted to suggest, then please look in the "Queued Suggestions" forum, as there is always the possibility that your suggestion may have already been made.

Another PLCF change is the fact that I have merged the Python and Jython programming languages into one forum. I did this because both of these languages are very similar, and they should be treated as such. Just click on the the new "Python/Jython" forum, and you will be redirected to a page where you will then split off into the Python forum or the Jython forum.

Another great PLCF change is one that gives more freedom of choice to the users. Using cookies, I have managed to give users the option about if they want the user information that shows up in all posts to display to the left or the right of the post. Please note before I begin to go into details that this information is saved in cookies, and not in your account, so it will vary from computer to computer. To change where the user information is displayed, just find any thread on the PLCF, and then go to the top right corner where the "Share", "Actions", and thread page links are located. You will see that a new button has magically appeared!

Do you see it? If not, look again!

To change which side of the post the user information appears on, just click on the button, and it will change back and forth! The default setting is the right side. Just remember, this feature works with cookies, and not with your account, so it will vary based on what computer you are using to access an account, and not solely on your account. (I hope you get what I am saying.)

Perhaps the most important change of the day is the addition of a new forum that will come standard with all new programming language forums, and has been added to all of the programming language forums currently on the PLCF. Each programming language now has a new "General Discussion" forum for regular topics that aren't asking for help or sharing programs. To find the "General Discussion" forum, just look under the "Help!" forum, and it should be there!

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