Programming Language Community Forums Update 7/20/11

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Programming Language Community Forums Update 7/20/11

Post  David B on Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:46 pm

Some of you may know that earlier today, I made the very first post on this forum. I am back again to tell of some of the changes that I have made to the forum since making that post. As you, no doubt, have noticed, the big disgusting logo at the top has disappeared. I removed it! The logo was placed there when I opened up the forum.

If you want to ask a question, but don't want to wait, why don't you ask those that are currently online if they can help? Introducing the Programming Language Community Chat! Simply scroll down to the bottom of the home page to chat,, or click on the link at the bottom of the home page to open the chat box in a pop-up window. If a user is online, you can ask them your question in real time, without needing to wait for an answer!

Catch a bug on the Programming Language Community Forums? Don't live with the pain! Tell us about it in the "Report A Bug" forum, and we will work on fixing it!

I feature that I left unmentioned was that I activated the forum calender. This calender could be accessed by clicking on the icon. I changed the calender icon to because the original icon didn't match with the navagation bar. Originally, the navagation bar looked like this...

But now, with the new icon, it looks like this ...

I am now stopping with the updates for tonight, but more will be coming in the future. Stay tuned for more...
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