Programming Language Community Forums Update 4/16/12

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Programming Language Community Forums Update 4/16/12

Post  David B on Mon Apr 16, 2012 8:20 pm

Hello PLCF Members!

Today does not bring any special changes, but it does bring one small edition.: The adding of two new warning statuses to the Programming Language Community Forums! The first warning status is for members who are immune to warning statuses, and a warning status for locked accounts.

The warning status for members immune to warning statuses looks like this: . This warning status is only assigned to the administrator, and it is likely that this is how it will remain, however I may change my mind. As of this writing, being that only administrators are allowed to have it, the only people with this warning status are me and the founder's account with the username, "Admin." (Which we all know is just me under a different account.

The second warning status is the locked account warning status, that looks like this: . This warning status can only be explained when tied in with our next change of the day (not feature, but change).

It may surprise you, but there is one person (just so you know, it is nerdgirl13) who is pending the locking of their forum account by request. If they decide to carry through with the locking of their account, they will have to send me a Private Message, and as soon as I receive it, I will back up their current warning status elsewhere in case they wish to return, change their warning status to , "ban" their account with a message about how they will be able to re-activate their account. They will then have their username color changed to this color. That color is the selected color that will represent locked accounts. As of this post, nobody has the warning status yet, but their is one member who is pending it.

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