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Programming Language Community Forums Update 11/16/11 Empty Programming Language Community Forums Update 11/16/11

Post  David B on Sat Nov 19, 2011 3:26 pm

Hello PLCF users!

This update regards a feature that you have, undobtely seen on your way to this thread. Even if you came to this thread from a link from another website that is not even related with this forum, you see it right now. If you don't see it, I will give you a hint: What do you see at the very bottom of you browser's view of this page? If you don't see it, look for a small tab located under the chat box, and click on it. You will notice that we have added a tool bar to the forum. This toolbar will allow you to access all of your favorite social networking sites all from one location, and will give me the ability to make an announcment without the need to send a PM to everyone, or create a thread! You will notice that two of the buttons are to view the latest updates on our Facebook and Twitter page. Our Facebook page has exsisted for some time now, but has gone un-announced until now. The Facebook page was created whenever we released "Facebook Connect" on our forum.

The Twitter page, however, is a much different story: The Twitter page was created today so that we would have something to add to the bar.

The Twitter page will be updated frequently with small "Tweets" about the PLCF, and the Facebook page, while I will not be updating it, I have set up the Twitter page to automatically post the Tweets on the PLCF Facebook page, so it will be done automatically for me.

I would like to ask that you please subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us or Tweet about us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, Plus 1 us on Google, or use one of your other favorite social networking sites to spread the word about us by clicking on the plus sign in the toolbar.

Perhaps one of the greatest things in the new toolbar is the "New Posts" button, which updates with links to the last 50 posts made on the PLCF. Unfortunately, this feature does not include who made the post, and I cannot add this, as this is a feature that is beyond my control. To see a list of the newest posts, click on the "NEW" image, which located to the left of the share button (plus sign).

If you are finding the toolbar rather annoying, you may minimize by clicking on the arrows in the right-hand corner of the toolbar, and you may reopen it whenever you want by clicking on the arrows that appear on the little tab. I hope that you enjoy the new toolbar!

Programming Language Community Forums Administrator,

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