Programming Language Community Forums Update 8/19/11

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Programming Language Community Forums Update 8/19/11

Post  David B on Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:53 pm

One little change was made to the Unread Private Messages button on the forum. Originally, the unread PMs button was , but as since been replaced with . This obviously isn't very visually appealing, but I did it so that way when you recieve a new Private Message, the button stands out.

This is it for the changes that all general users will see, but I have made a few changes in the background of the forum. I have added an Admin Comment field and a Warning Status Backup field to all users' profile. The Admin Comment field is for administrators to comment on users. You will only see this if you are a part of Forum Security. You will also see a comment field for Forum Security to use to comment on users. The Warning Status Backup field can only be seen by administrators (me). The purpose of this field is to back up the Warning Status for users. Why, you may ask. The answer is because members of Forum Security have the ability to change Warning Status. Backing up Warning Statuses will help us ensure that no members of Forum Security decide to play with the Warning Status feature. Please keep in mind however, that only the most trusted members of the forum are a part of Forum Security.
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